Beowulf Massive Light

Many athletes try to avoid using gainers in the rations as they used to have a bad experience with fat depot. The antimony is evident: in order to build new muscle mass we need a lot of calories but these calories can easily build the "strategic reservoirs" instead of muscles.
Sometimes, even when choosing their protein, the athletes get frightened with the low amount of carbs mentioned in nutrition facts, associating them with fat depots on their body. And this is the biggest mistake which lead to standstill, overtraining, no results and lose of motivation.
The company RED STAR LABS presents a new unique product BEOWULF MASSIVE LIGHT, which differs a lot from the cheap gainers of the past, full with sugars.
When making the formulations, RED STAR LABS never uses artificial coloring and dangerous sweeteners such as aspartame. Dare to use BEOWULF MASSIVE LIGHT with no doubt every day - only muscles will grow!
BEOWULF MASSIVE LIGHT is a product which will do well not only to the beginners but also to professionals. Scientifically grounded proportions of all the needed ingredients helps you to build new hard muscle mass in a short time period without gaining any fat!
More than that, if you're overweight, BEOWULF MASSIVE LIGHT will use the lipidic depot and lower the fat level.

Recommendations for use:
One portion contains 50gr of powder mixed with 250ml of water or fat-free milk. Take 2-3 times a day between meals, or 40-50 min before the workout or right after it.

Portion50 g
Portion num40
Calories200 kcal
Calories from Fat18 kcal
Total Far2 g
Omega-30,3 g
Sodium76 mg
Calcium113 mg
Potassium162 mg
Total Carbohydrate21 g
Сarbohydrates barley13 g
Сellulose2 g
Amylopectin3,3 g
Sugar1,15 g
Protein25 g
Vitamin A0,27 mg
Vitamin D32 мcg
Vitamin E0,8 mg
Vitamin С14 mg
Vitamin В10,2 mg
Vitamin В20,2 mg
Vitamin В60,2 mg
Nicotinamide2,8 mg
Folic Acid0,06 mg
Pantothenic Acid1 mg
Biotin0,02 mg
Vitamin В120,4 mcg
2000 g