Beowulf Whey Pro

Looking at the ancient statues, each of us time after time has thought about how the great heroes of the past could maintain such a good shape, have nice proportional muscles and be extremely strong and powerful?... And they didn't know a thing about sports nutrition! The answer was found by the scientists who explored the DNA of ancient warriors, genetic materials of which were found on European battlefields and examined in a wide chronological range, up to Middle Ages.
Portion30 g
Portion num60
Protein 22,5 g
Calories117 kcal
Total Fat1,7 g
Total Carbonhydrate 2,8 g
Calcium 103 mg
Sodium 69 mg
BCAA 5,09 g
Valine 1,27 g
Isoleucine 1,27 g
Leucine 1,27 g
1800 g