Basic Meal Whey

BASIC MEAL WHEY from Red Star Labs
Basic Meal Whey is a protein complex with low carbs content, a very important speciality of which is ideal combination of quick release of whey protein amino acids (anabolism) and low release of milk protein amino acids (anti-katabolism). Protein complex Basic Meal Whey is perfect to take not only during the day, but also before sleep!
Recommendations for use
Take 1-2 portions a day 30min before workout and right after it.

Portion40 g
Portion num20
Calories140 kcal
Calories From Fat18 kcal
Total Fat2
Vitamin A0,21 mg
Vitamin D31,8 mcg
Vitamin E1,2 mg
Vitamin В10,21 mg
Vitamin В20,21 mg
Vitamin В60,21 mg
Niacin3,15 mg
Folic Acid0,08 mg
Pantothenic Acid1,15 mg
Biotin0,031 mg
Vitamin В120,525 mcg
Vitamin С14 mg
Zinc2,7 mg
Copper0,31 mg
Iron4,5 mg
Iodine37 mcg
Selenium14 mcg
Manganese0,31 mg
800 g