BCAA 4-1-1

Love and know how "destroyed" at every training session? How about a horrible break-up after? BCAA 4-1-1 from Red star labs to feel like a person, not a wreck! Muscles comprise almost 35% of the amino acids, BCAA. These so-called amines with branched chains are the most important to recover and build new muscle cells. Also, these powerful "building blocks" act as an energy source during intense training. Simply put, if the body lacks these amino acids, of no growth will not be considered. And the recovery period may be delayed for many hours. The additional intake of BCAA Supplement proved its effectiveness, as evidenced by the huge number of athletes from different sports. Especially worth noting is the effectiveness of BCAA in the drying period when it is necessary to get rid of fat and not to lose acquired with such hard work muscle mass. In this version, BCAA 4-1-1 from Red star labs was used high dose of the most working and effective amino acid Leucine, which is superior in content of Valine and Isoleucine in four times! This ratio is not standard. In most cases, still used the formula 2-1-1. But listening to the feedback many sportsmen about the effectiveness of supplements dominated by Leucine, the company Red star labs has created and brought to market its product, BCAA 4-1-1. Also, like all other products of the company Red star labs produces BCAA 4-1-1 under strict and constant control, observing the maximum quality and using only the most modern production technology and first class raw! No matter what sport you do, just 3-5 tablets of BCAA 4-1-1 used before and after exercise will help to preserve excellent muscle tone and be more fresh and recovered for the next scheduled training. New formula from Red star labs perfectly shows its best qualities in the fight against catabolism, which is damaging to the muscle fibers of the athlete. Also, after the reception of BCAA 4-1-1 fast start "mechanism", aimed at building new muscle fibers and as a consequence - increase muscle mass, strength and endurance. BCAA 4-1-1 - don't let your muscles turn into ruins! Recommendations for use: Take 3-5 tablets 20-30 minutes before and immediately after training. If you are on a diet or preparing for competition, take an additional serving in the morning, afternoon and before bed.
Serving Size 5 tablets
Serving Per Container 60
Amount Per Serving
L-Leucine 2550 mg
L-Isoleucine 635 mg
L-Valine 635 mg

Ingredients: leucine, isoleucine, valine, microcrystalline gelatin (binder), calcium stearate (e-470), anti-caking aerosil (sliding agent).  

300 tabl