In the depth of ocean waters there is a strange and mysterious invader who's survival abilities in extremely unfriendly environment amazes the scientists.

A huge squid... It is violent, quite, and always hungry. Having an unequalled capability to regenerate and swallowing a big amount of protein, it is dangerous even for the sharks.

After carrying it's own researches in the main US universities, the company Red Star Labs got the results which exceeded all the expectations.

The biological value and diet properties of squid's meat were known long time ago but only with the high technologies development it became possible to separate the high-concentrated substance: the ganglion of nerve tissue. From this ganglion the brain of this super shellfish has been formed with the evolution.

The faster the faster the oxygen is burned, the faster is metabolism. Squid's oxygen metabolism is one of the best on the Planet. The nerve tissue of squid is extremely developed and goes through the whole body. And .. Squid has three hearts!

The real life period of squid is not known even approximately. According to the fragments of cephalopods found during the deep trawling, their size can tens of meters ( huge squid, lat. Architeuthis). And it's not a secret that even bigger examples do exist, they are called Krakens.

History says, they could even carry a big ship to the bottom of the sea. Taking in consideration the average speed of squid's growth, their age could be more than hundreds years.

Please meet KRAKEN – a surprising new-age solution, the power of which is beyond the imagination.

  • 100% regeneration of cells, including nerves;
  • Quick growth of dry muscle mass
  • Stimulation and renovation of androgen receptors
  • Multiple Immunity improvement
  • Acceleration of metabolism up to the biologically possible maximum.
  • Renovation of detox systems (liver, lymphonodus)

As an assembly of nerve cells, the ganglions of squid have a fantastic biological activity. KRAKEN improves the resistant and adaptation properties of one's body, giving you almost mythic invincibility to the stress, illness and infections.

It's like your body gets covered with an unseen field of forces protecting you from the environmental stress. It becomes possible thanks to a complex of regulatory peptides (45 polypeptide fractions), chyloid adhesions and provitamins which have a protective, regulative, atitumour and anti-infection effect.

KRAKEN has to be used by athletes and can be easily combined with other medications increasing their effect and decreasing their possible collateral damage.

Regeneration of nerve cells and active delivery of oxygen to cerebrum upregulates the increase of concentration, activation of ideational functions, lapse of fatigability.

Renovation and and stimulation of androgenic receptors provoke a huge growth of bodybuilder's dry muscle mass. And the speed up of metabolism will release your body from fat depots.

Unfortunately, because of ecological problems and unhealthy food, our body is usually full of waste and decay products. Sooner or later it reveals in diseases. Our own cleaning mechanisms such as liver and lymphocyte system are always overloaded. KRAKEN will safely help to optimize their effect and improve the body.

And one of the most surprising properties KRAKEN is protection from catarrhal infections. You will not get sick this winter!

Recommendations for use

Take 1-2 capsules in the morning with a glass of water. Do not use more than two capsules a day. For better effect it's recommended to make a 2-weeks breakdown after each 12 weeks of usage.

Portion1 pcs.
Portion num30
Matrix transportation
  • L-arginin
  • L-citrulline
  • Grape skin extract

350 мг
Immunity and recovery Matrix
  • Сoenzyme Q10
  • Vitamin B6
  • Squid ganglions
  • Lipid complex
  • ХPolic acid
62,75 мг
20 pcs