L-Carnitine Essential (90)

L-Carnitine is Essential from the Red Star Labs

L-carnitine was discovered by Russian scientists in 1905. It is synthesized from two amino acids (lysine and methionine) with the participation of vitamins C, B6, Niacin and iron. In humans carnitine is primarily in the muscles, including the heart. L-carnitine plays a huge role in the metabolism of fats, facilitating their processing into energy. Saves glycogen stores, increasing endurance during training and competition improves the maintenance of cells with oxygen.

The basic formula is as follows:
Fat + Oxygen + L-carnitine = Energy

In athletes there is often a lack of L-carnitine. In this case, worsening cardiac activity, increases the content of triglycerides in the blood.

Regular consumption of L-carnitine:

Provides fat burning
Increases physical endurance
Reduces the recovery period
Increases the oxygenation of cells
Enhances the activity of the heart muscle
Lowers cholesterol
Recommendations for use

Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before training.
Serving Size 1 capsule
Serving Per Container 90
Amount Per Serving  
L-Carnitine 750 mg

Ingredients: gelatine.  

90 caps