L-Carnitine Liquid Metal 5000

L-Carnitine Liquid Metal 5000 from Red Star Labs

RED STARS LABS specialists use only L-carnitine base as raw material in L-CARNITINE LIQUID METAL production. L-carnitine base, compared to L-carnitine salt, contains 97-100% of pure L-carnitine. Thanks to the 100% pure raw materials, the company could reach the highest dosage in one ampule - 5000mg of L-carnitine!

Thus, we get a 100% match with the label.

A lot of sports nutrition manufacturers mostly use a trick with adding l-carnitine tartrate instead of l-carnitine base, cheating the customers with 32%, - which is the L-tartrate acid, as tartrate is L-carnitine salt.

Very soon it became clear that most of the products presented in sports nutrition market have a quite low content of active ingredients in one portion, which can not burn the fat anyhow.

But further researches surprised even more! It turned out, that the group of athletes who have been tested not only lost their fat but at the same time improved the quality of dry muscle mass which indicates the anabolic properties of L-Carnitine Liquid Metal.

This effect became possible thanks to improvement of phospholipid metabolism and a high improvement of neurotransmission.

L-Carnitine Liquid Metal from RED STAR LABS is life, health, energy and beauty!

Recommendations for use

Take 1/6 of ampule once a day as a sports supplement, recommended by your physician or nutritionist. Can be mixed with your favorite juice or any other drink.

Portion1\6 pcs.
Portion num120
Total Fat0 g
Total Carbohydrate0 g
Sugar0 g
L-Carnitine850 mg
Vitamin С100 mg
20 pcs