Glutamine Powder from Red Star Labs is a glutamine supplement in the form of powder based on pure glutamine of the highest quality.

Glutamine is a complementary amino acid, which the muscles are composed by 60% from. This amino acid is responsible for many processes in the body, including strengthens the immune system, helps the brainwork and stimulates mental activity, normalizes the digestive system.

Glutamine is especially appreciated by athletes because it promotes protein synthesis in the body, has a strong anabolic and anti-catabolic effect, and also reduces post-training muscle pains, accelerates the processes of the body recovery after physical exertions, stimulates the production of glycogen and maintains nitrogen balance in tissues. Glutamine helps the body to remove ammonia and other decomposition products, protects liver cells from toxins.

Although the human body is able to synthesize glutamine independently, during active sports activities or under daily stress, the human body's need for glutamine sharply increases. In this case, an additional intake of glutamine supplements is recommended.

Glutamine Powder from Red Star Labs:

  • Effective dosage with a high active ingredient content;
  • Does not contain GMO, gluten, soy and milk;

Recommendations for use

Take 5 g (1 teaspoon) of the product once a day between meals. You can mix it with juice or water. Take it no longer than 4 weeks.

  300 г
Portion - 5 g
Portion num - 60

Amount per serving:
L-glutamin 5 g